Hello and welcome to Crowning Arts!


I hope you'll find empowerment to be the artist you were created to be as I share timeless techniques and tools that even the Masters used. 

Every day you get to choose to be courageous and trust the voice inside; and make visible what you are feeling and seeing. Equipping and inspiring you to go to the next level of revelation and skill is my greatest joy.


Your way to fulfillment and a thriving art business is achievable. I hope you'll join me at one of our upcoming workshops and take this journey of aligning the spirit, soul, and body to create artwork that speaks, heals, and empowers.

With Love,

Jennifer Fix

About Me

Creating from the Prophetic

I learned the power of the prophetic while attending Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. In my third year, I had the privilege of seeing the results of my art in the lives of kids in juvenile hall, the homeless, the sick, and those who had "lost" their voice in society. It developed a passion in me to help others, and to grow in the confidence to lead. If the prophetic can help the most broken of hearts then it is effective and powerful for everyone and for every circumstance. The most wonderful experience of all is to pass along this gift of fellowship and watch others produce art that changes their world and others.